Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Melbourne trip part 2: Fabulous and free in and around Federation Square...

Saturday afternoon Kerry was planning to see a film at The Melbourne Queer Film Festival and when she heard I was going to be visiting, bought me a ticket as a belated Christmas gift.And a drink to have during it. (All very civilised...)

Afterwards we caught up with her friends over drinksupstairs in the courtyard where the viewwassuperb.

Melbourne bar rules are most odd. It would seem you're permitted to steal the glasses as long as you're not actually wearing them... (Or maybe they have something against Cinderella?)By the time we finally left Federation Square and wandered off to find some cheap food, dusk was falling and the lane ways were emptying out.Thus saving us the potential to blow our (non existent) budgetsOf course, I had to take a couple of ubiquitous lane way graffiti photos:before we finally settled into The Pancake Parlour to devour the $25 gift voucher Kerry had tucked away in her wallet for just such an occasion.After which we waddled home for Earth HourBefore collapsing into bed.


drey said...

maybe it was "glass ware"???? :P

mmmm isn't pancake parlour the best? pity about the prices!

AMCSviatko said...

Don't know as I've only been there twice in my life and I don't think I paid either time... :-)