Monday, March 02, 2009

What a day...

I'm sure you know the sort. It starts off ordinarily enough but by the end of the day you feel like a train which suddenly finds itself on a track it wasn't quite expecting.

Oh don't panic: there's nothing earth shattering, but there are some weird symbioses...

In chronological order:

* I became an eBay Power Seller. I'm pretty chuffed.
* I might have finally succumbed and joined Ravelry. Shhh... don't tell anyone!
* I discovered one of my neighbourhood possums dead in the back yard. I suppose it's better than being dead in the ceiling above my bed. I wonder if his (her?) mate will disappear or I'll still hear him (her?) from time to time?
* On the subject of disappearances, I discovered that my Made It shop has disappeared off the face of the earth. And I'm very very grumpy that they didn't bother emailing us to let us know this was about to happen. I've left the link in my sidebar until I decide what I'm going to do...
* I finally got around to dealing with my TSS accounts. For July - September 2008 at least. Tomorrow I'll tackle the rest.
* I surprised myself by needing to buy a new visual diary as I've almost filled my first one. In just a month!
* I have orders from two of my classmates for art bags.

* And I finally sorted out the latest mixer saga (which I don't think I've shared here: yes, I broke it again and this time the repair man said the parts weren't available. I did check and it would appear he was correct as I'd killed the gears as well as the driver coupling. Tonight, while I was at class, I won thison eBay. It's identical to mine and also broken but it's just the driver coupling: still available as a spare part. Now I just have to face the fixit man who said, as I left last time, "We usually deal with repairs on items worth at least $500". Doesn't he understand that the Kenwood Chefette is a priceless piece of design?!)

Ah, yes, class... Want to see what I got up to tonight?

I can show you the second exercise now but the first will have to wait for morning as it's A3 size and thus too big for the scanner and needs to be photographed.

We made collages from pictures we cut out of magazines. (I think I struck it lucky...)

Let me practice my art wank:
"Going places": a mix of influence from the House of Elliot DVDs I'm currently devouring plus the fact I'm very aware it's almost exactly a year since my internship in New Zealand. With the choices I've made for this year, the chances of getting away anywhere beyond the Dentist are pretty remote, even with the incredible cruise deals that keep popping up in my in box. Hence the Fairy Godmother in the corner! (If I'd had more time I would have cut the boots sticking out from under the car more closely as I find the pink quite jarring. I would have also centred the ship on the leg and moved the small red shoe left to exactly cover the strap of the red shoe on the legs)"Rhapsocookie in Blue" started when I spotted Cookie Monster next to the fairy godmother in the picture above. In another magazine I found the Cookie Monster dress and the ad for cookies. From there the whole blue theme just fell into place.My final collage (we were supposed to make 4 but I never made it past 3) is called "Ready cash".

I'm still wondering if I should lose the "A" and make it "Red-y cash" as a comment on consumer credit spending. And no, it's not a reflection of my current state of mind (although I am dealing with a pesky credit card debt) but of what I suspect others might be feeling in the current economic climate. I love the flow of colour. And the flying pig...

Anyway, once we'd finished our collages we had to sketch one of them quickly: the only proviso being it wasn't allowed to be a centred composition.Because I misjudged the edges I added in the sunbursts behind the car, the skirt of the Fairy Godmother and the legs of the sign. I'm not sure they work...


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By the time I got to the end of your post earlier in the evening, I forgot about the bit at the beginning of which I was going to inquire: What is your Ravelry name, then?

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You have to ask?!

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