Monday, March 23, 2009

The rest of my weekend: gift bags, square bread, possum costumes and free downloads.

Which pretty much sums it up.

If you want details, here's a picture of the gift bag I made for J for Miss R's birthday present: (It's quite small, around 30cm square)

I keep forgetting to mention I experimented a couple of weeks ago with shoving this bread dough into a tin before baking it, making a much better shape for general toasting and sandwich making...I had lunch with C and a friend of hers yesterday to discuss the (rather scary) task of designing and making costumes for a dance and singing thingy C is involved in.

It's gratifying when your friends say things like "I need a possum costume and a kangaroo costume and a wombat costume and an echidna costume and a koala costume plus a frill necked lizard costume. Which all have to pack into suitcases for overseas travel, be as cost effective as possible and which we can dance in. I just knew you'd be able to come up with something..."

Of course! *gulp*

And I had great fun last night downloading lots of free goodies from a band which I discovered while I was in Oslo in 2003. I dusted down my Mplayer, loaded it up and retired to bed with a pile of reading.

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