Saturday, December 05, 2020


One twelfth scale modern miniature 1970s child's bedroom with a wooden divan bed dressed with bright flowery linen and an orange checked blanket, a bookshelf full of books and a colouring pad and crayons on the rug
This scene is loosely based on my childhood bedroom circa 1975. I say 'loosely' because I've taken some liberties with time (mainly around not checking the age of the ABBA posters before printing them out and hanging them!)

And before you think I've cheated by not including the number five in the scene, I did. In fact the whole scene was inspired by a vintage Famous Five book cover that's been sitting in my Pinterest Miniatures to make album.

One twelfth scale modern miniature 1970s child's bed and bedside table. The bed is dressed with bright flowery linen and the bedside table holds a flowery glass, an orange radio and a famous five book.
Of course, it's a waste to use a whole sheet of paper to print just one book, so I collected the whole set,
One twelfth scale modern miniature child's bookcase with a set of famous five books lined up
and then got carried away hunting down other books and magazines I remember from that era in my life (or that were similar to ones I had) to add to the scene, even though you can't see half of them!
Selection of one twelfth scale retro children's books scattered across a rug
While I was at it, I used some fuzzy paper to print a version of the blanket I had on my bed as a child, and some cardboard and wood veneer to make a miniature version of my divan.

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Sarah said...

I love your bedroom scene!