Wednesday, December 02, 2020

A well-overdue two tone dance party

 Back in January 2017 I received an order of Dollhouse gig posters I bought from Starshaped Press and got as far as this in plotting a scene inspired by my favourite one:

One-twelfth scale miniature letterpress gig poster flat lay with a pork-pie hat, Lambretta scooter model, speaker and black and white sneakers, one of which is held between two fingers.
Today at lunchtime (as I realised that perhaps this year's challenge might be a little easier as I'm still working from home, so can do some prep work then) I remembered the poster set, and that this one fitted the criteria for the day quite nicely.

So once I logged off for the day I pulled the poster out of stash and spent some time looking for the rest of the items in the original picture (pork pie hat and red scooter still AWOL), and searching google images for pictures of things I could make to add to the scene, and stash for stuff I already had that would work (also currently AWOL: one Union Jack cushion).

Originally I was thinking that the scene might be an actual dance party in someone's lounge, but in these physically-distanced times, decided it might be more prudent to make it a bedroom scene of a current-day mod who is holding a two tone dance party for one.

Here's where I'm at:
One twelfth scale modern miniature bedroom scene in progress with mod and Vespa-related accessories laid out for consideration, and a Vespa outside the window.
And now I need to make some things before dinner time rolls around.

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