Sunday, December 06, 2020

All sixes and sevens

I was preparing for the scene I was planning to make for today: gathering flooring, furniture and accessories based on the image I'd found as inspiration.

And then I realised that most of the furniture came out of Hideaway cafe. And Hideaway cafe just happened to have a seat cushion made with a coffee bag. A coffee bag that just happened to have a 6 on it.

So rather than spending time on my last Sunday before I start my end-of-year leave almost recreating Hideout (but bigger, and with a licence), I'll save some time and send you over to visit Hideout cafe yourself (although I hear it may have gone since I last visited...)
One twelfth scale cafe corner with a bench with a coffee sack cushion with a mirror above, and a pallet against the wall next to it

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