Monday, December 02, 2019

Monday: make, do and mend

It's been a very long time since I made a miniature, and even longer since I made a miniature for me.

So it is was with some trepidation that I approached the task yesterday, in a new studio, and with my workshop work-space not just down the stairs, but out the door, down the stairs, across the carpark and through the garage.

Which I suspected might mean a couple of quests down there to collect things that I needed up here: and in the long-term possibly collecting doubles of things to prevent that from happening.

I decided to start with a paper kit sent to me in a box of deliciousness that arrived just as I settled on my first home and so got pushed aside in the craziness that followed.
Cardboard mailing box, opened to show miniature fake plants, smalll parcels and packing peanuts.
(Thanks again Kat! I look forward to finally having the time and space to explore the possibilities!)
COllection of modern miniatures and craft supplies for making modern miniatures, arranged on a desk top.
A Chinese carry out kit from PaperMinis sounded like just the thing to blow the rust off, and also to find the basic tools I needed to get back in the saddle.
1/12 scale miniature paper Chinese carry out kit and blank wine bottle kit.
And, because I'm all about unrealistic expectations, I added a wine bottle kit given to me by friend Sandra around the same time. Because if you've not made miniatures for almost two years, why not double the fun? (*cough cough*).
Half-cut out 1/12 scale miniature paper kit on a cutting board, with ruler, cutting knife, glue and instructions.
I started with the easy wins (Yay! I made a receipt! And some placemats!) and realised I seem to own a LOT of cutting knives, and also may need to do a glue stocktake very soon and chuck what's dried up...

Meanwhile in the grog aisle I discovered my new best friend: a drying set up I bodged together with an old shoe box, and Daiso chopsticks and pegs, when I decided that the necks of my wine bottles needed painting to look more authentic:
Empty shoebox with chopsticks balanced across the width. Hanging from the chopsticks are upside down 1/12 scale wine bottles held by clothespegs strung through the chopsticks.
And so finally, in the spirt of 'done not perfect' (especially as it's only now that I notice that I put the wine label on upside down...), may I present First night in the new home.
Sofa and sidetable. On the table is a bottle of wine and a wine glass, a takeout menu, chopsticks, empty plate and cardboard takeaway container. In front of the table is an empty packing box and pile of discarded packing paper.
Which is actually kind of fitting as tomorrow in my first homeversary....

(And in case you're wondering, takeout containers aren't usually printed where I live, so I made mine inside out).

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