Monday, February 12, 2024

Make, do and mend Monday: The long game

 For this week's #makedoandmendmonday I'm playing a slightly longer game, since the other end of my desk is still covered with the remnants of the weekend's cardboard stash sorting, and the cottagecore build is still clogging the work table.

So I aim to use these pieces that have been sitting in the cubby above my desk since March 2022 to clear that log jam: because to make a scene with these, I need to make some space, and to make that space I need to finish those other things, and then once I've made this scene I can put these pieces (and those!) away.

Collection of one-twelfth scale modern miniatures in a cubby, including a sideboard, large 2-dimensional tree, sofa, side table large Egyptian cat sculpture and coffee table in front of the sofa.
All by this time next week 🤣.

(Because March 2022 isn't when these pieces came together for the first time, oh no no no: that would have been back in May 2021 when I finished the sofa (a copy of my full-sized sofa that I started working on waaaaay back in December 2020).

Yep, definitely time to finish this off and move things along, I think. Don't you?


Anonymous said...

You are gonna rock it ! Impressive streak and you seem unstoppable :) can not wait to see next monday ! Mini ElleAime

AMCSviatko said...

Thanks Mini ElleAime: I've been managing to balance this and work for 6 weeks now and am guardedly hopeful that it can be an ongoing habit this time round.

Comments like yours are definitely helping because they prove that I still have readers :-)