Monday, December 11, 2017

Crafternoon: cushions and considerations

I have a standing arrangement to meet a friend for coffee (or something similar) late on a Sunday afternoon. It's a lovely end to the weekend, and supports our (newish) local café to boot.

We've gotten into the habit of bringing along a simple project to work on while we chat. And so it became very important that I finally dig out the missing cushions before I headed off to see her yesterday.

Which I did: they were hiding underneath a vintage wooden inbox I'd plonked down on my desk while looking for something else. (Summer break and clean-up mode can't come soon enough...)

So all was good,
Cafe table with a glass of iced coffee on it. Next to the glass is a cat-shaped pencil case containing miniature cushions, thread and scissors and behind it is a woman working on an appliqué piece.
 and I now have a pile of cushions crying out for a scene (and/or a new home).
Pile of modern miniature cushions in bright retro colours and designs, next to a spool of thread and needle, and a pair of scissors.
On the bus to work this morning I started pondering the idea of using them in a combination of the original bits from this scene here with the concept of creating an Airbnb place I trialled last December. Perhaps an Airbnb place that's catering to the boom in weddings (and therefore honeymoons) resulting from last week's legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia?

(Should I call it 'Rainbow Connection'?)

But before I get to that idea, I need to finish the Seaside Shack lounge. My 3-am thought was decisive: since the lounge was part of the same house as the dining room/ kitchen area, then it had to be twelve inches across as that was the width of the dining area before it stepped down into the lean-to (duh!). So small and pokey it is. (Or will be, once I finish it...)


minwks said...

Good Grief, The pressure and how to decide what to do first! I bet your fellow coffee drinkers are curious about what you are doing while you chat.
Warm I imagine in your neck of the woods!
Regards Janine

Norma said...

Glad you found your cushions!

AMCSviatko said...

minwks, this is 2602 so no one (well, that I've noticed) bats an eyelid when you pull out a project as a cafe. And Gang Gang has previously been host to this, so a little sewing is nothing in comparison:

Norma: So am I, although with the annual big Summer clean starting on Friday they would have turned up soon enough.