Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Running out of steam

With four days of this year's Daily Dolls' House December challenge to go, I fear I'm losing my oomph. Or perhaps it's just that other tasks that I'd planned to get done before I return to work (next week! My how time flies...) are muscling their way onto the daily list of tasks and thus making the time for creating minis shorter.

You may be pleased to hear that I glued seven things together yesterday from my mini mending box, and made a list of what I need to do with the rest. So perhaps this time next year I'll be able to share a picture of an almost empty workbench, containing just a bowl of cherries and a tube of glue...

There have been a couple of mini-related happenings of note, though: last night, while reading a second-hand book on Rosalie Gascoigne, I discovered a previous reader had a left a little* present between two pages. (*Literally: the perfect size for miniature use...)
Art book open on a white bedspread with a flyer containing pictures of four works of art inserted between the two pages on display.
And this afternoon I met with my friend at the local café for coffee, chatting and mini cushion-making.
Table at a cafe with a cup of coffee and a glass of iced cofffee on it. Across the table a woman is winding embroidery thread off a cardboard bobbin. On the table next to the iced coffee is a pile of inside-out miniature cushions and a pair of tweezers.
One good thing about not making minis today is that the studio has remained tidy from this morning's clean-up... 

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