Sunday, December 03, 2017

Sunday: fun day

While I was putting away my goodies from last weekend's Daiso haul (sorry, links seem to be beyond the ability of my poor old tablet, along with resizing images and adding alt text: all of which I shall come back and fix up when I'm back on the laptop) [EDITED TO ADD: Daiso haul,] I spotted one of the plastic apple charms I'd picked up at Pete's Emporium in New Zealand on my last trip. At the time they reminded me of a cross between the Philippe Stark gnome stool and the Third Drawer Down giant corn cob stool, so I thought they'd make a fun addition to a scene.

Instead they because the basic of a fun scene, along with the round grass mat I bought at Daiso and a wood slice I got for free from a craft store many years ago (balanced on the head of a wooden mallet I found in my stash of useful bits and bobs I might need one day).
Three 1/12 scale modern miniature stools in the shape of apple cores around a table made with a slice of tree with bark still on it, on a round mat of fake grass. In the background is a bar with a red watering can on it.
It's decided that it's going to be a pop-up bar when it's finished. The fun colours reminded me of a stash of cushion tops I had cut out and waiting for attention. And since the whole point of Sunday fun day for me is just having fun, and I'd unearthed the sewing machine in yesterday's cleaning frenzy, I decided a little sewing was in order.
1/12 scale modern miniature cushion fronts in bright colours and retro design, piled on a work bench next to a pair of scissors, some loose threads and a piece of plain fabric.
Which was just as well as it meant I could take the cushions along to a coffee date with a friend, and turn and stuff them while we chatted.
Cat-shaped pencil case with 1/12 scale modern miniature cushion covers spilling out of it. Other cushion covers wait to be turned on the table top, next to a pair of tweezers and a (full-sized) cup of coffee.

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