Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Tidy-it-up Tuesday

How does time fly by so fast?
This evening while looking for something to blog about (because I'm at that stage of Daily Dolls' House December where I still find it hard to find my rhythm: probably because I'm still trying to fit it around a full day at work, rather than it being my main focus. Which will happen in eight working days...) I rediscovered a drawerful of bits from a scene I abandoned three and a half years ago.
Plastic file drawer containing various one-twelfth scale miniatures, including a white brick fireplace, a victorian dolls' house, trunks and many pictures, mostly in colours of white, red and sky blue.
Well, it wasn't really a rediscovery, more of a desperate 'I need to tidy up and this is prime studio real estate that could be used much more sensibly if I just pulled finger and decided to either finish the damned scene, or put away the pieces!'

I went with the first option, especially as it's holiday-home season for a lot of people.

The first step: to unpack what was there and decide what I needed to do next to get it over the finish line...
One-twelfth scale modern miniature lounge with a modular sofa in grey velvet and various accessories and artworks in colours of red, sky blue and gray.

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