Saturday, December 16, 2017

Saturday: it's a start...

After a slow start to the day, and an hour beginning the yearly deep studio clean (hello floor!) I finally got to working on some miniatures.

I finished adding the 'potting mix' to my pot plants:
Hand holding a one-twelfth scale modern miniature succulent plant to the camera with several more in th ebackground on a workbench, with a tube of glue, a paintbrush in a puddle of glue and a bowl of 'potting mix'
(Most chuffed with the results...)

And I cut the two walls I needed to put together the seaside shack lounge I've been working on, after a visit to the newsagents for a couple of new sheets of cardboard. It's not quite thick enough but will do well enough: especially as it saved me a trip to the art supply shop in town to get the proper stuff.

The window and french doors are installed too. (The baseboards are not).
One-twelfth scale modern miniature lounge with french doors and a window on a white wall to the right, a fireplace on a light blue wall at the rear, and a sectional grey velvet sofa in front of it.
 I was going to do some picture framing too, except I've either lost (or run out of) my stash of framing lengths. And rather than make the trek down to the dolls' house shop today to buy more,  it made sense to hold off until tomorrow when I'd planned to go out anyway.

Instead I guess I should put some stuff away, then make an appointment with the sofa and a book. I'm on holiday, after all...

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elizabeth s said...

a Lovely little potted plant!