Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day Twenty One: fifteen dollars and twenty cents

That's how much a Fiscal Fast Get out of jail free card is worth around here. I was sorely tempted to throw caution to the wind yesterday (especially when we found ourselves in Landspeed Records, which had both the new Moby and the new Portishead for around $20 each) but after a stern talking to myself I held steady.

I bought domes and finished Princess B's stole, which she wore all day.

We had lunch at Babar. M and I shared a jungle pizza and fries. I passed up the option of wine. Princess B paid for us all (as she is wont to do, being a generous soul.)

Afternoon tea was back at the Hyatt, where they were staying. Not the full-on Tea Lounge experience but coffee and cake in Speakers' Corner next door. In terms of value we were probably better off going for the full thirty something dollar experience in the Tea Lounge. M and I split the cost.

And that was my day of wanton spending for the month.

Day Twenty One:

Breakfast: Tea. Apple Drop Biscuit from the freezer.

Morning Tea: Freshly baked bread with home made hummus, lettuce and sliced tomato.

Lunch (out): Half a Jungle pizza (pumpkin, cashew nut and spinach) and fries at Babar.

Afternoon tea (out): Latte and fruit tart at The Hyatt.

Dinner: Tea. Dark chocolate and ginger biscuits courtesy of Princess B, who bought them for me at Marks and Spencer Dubai and delivered them in a suitably exotic M&S bag:Found today:
* A whole new packet of rice crackers in the top cupboard, discovered when I pulled out the bag of basmati rice and kilo of penne pasta to drape over the roof of my dolls house to weigh it down while the glue holding it onto the house dried.

Bought today:
* Domes for Princess B's stole: $3.20
* Lunch and afternoon tea (see above): $12

Total spent since June 1: $122.05 (plus $116.84 on a dolls house)


feistyurchin said...

Fifteen whole dollars and twenty cents you say? I feel really bad about my $113.50 now ;)

I must say that pizza sounds delicious, so delicious I'm going to have a stab at making it. And it's within Moderation expenses!! I have cashews in the cupboard, pumpkin is a staple and pizza dough is totally within my capability. I'll let you know how it turns out.

AMCSviatko said...

Well there is the small issue of one dolls house...