Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fiscal Fast Day Fifteen: It's not easy being green.

On the To Do List this morning was a trip to the Lyneham Laundromat/ Post Office to post a couple of eBay parcels and a Made It order (work related so not counted).

It was a beautiful crisp but sunny morning and so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to finally dust off my
trusty bike, pull my new helmet out of its packaging and ride for a change, especially as the trip in only about 3 km each way. I felt green and frugal and oh so virtuous as I filled the basket and carrier with mail and found my bike lock. Then I noticed I had a flat front tyre. And my bicycle pump didn't seem to be having any effect. So the bike went back in the garage and I ended up using the car after all. Rats!

Day Fifteen:

Breakfast: Tea. Toast and strawberry jam.

Lunch: Leftovers from Friday - penne pasta with zucchini and sundried tomatoes (plus the leftover kalamata olives J left behind mixed in) and grated parmesan. Apple, pear and ginger crumble.

Afternoon tea: The last of the Lindor balls. I'm once again without chocolate in the house... *sniff*

Dinner: Salmon cake with mashed potato and broccoli.

Finished today:
* Lindor balls. You think I can replace them?
* Broccoli. On the list for Tuesday's run to Choku Bai Jo.

Total spent since June 1: $62.93

1 comment :

m1k1 said...

Everyone knows chocolate is a dietary staple. Go for it.
But at least you were planning on cycling. Green intentions.