Monday, June 16, 2008

Fiscal Fast Day Sixteen: a top day all round, really.

Today I got top mail from Happy Spider: (Ohh... what's in that mysterious parcel on the right?
cables and smellies - a perfect mix!)

Today I had a top lunch after getting a bit desperate as I was sick to death of soup and other options in the fridge were few and far between.So I made cheese, sundried tomato and parsley scones (thus also sorting out what to do with the last of the almost past it parsley) They were very very yummy and the leftovers are heading into the freezer.

Tonight I had a top time at J&M's. I only went over to get a statutory declaration signed by M but ended up staying for dinner and was sent home with the first chunk of home grown pumpkin for the season. In return they have a lovely warm hand knitted beanie each.

Tonight I watched Top Gear on their very big and very new TV and saw a very small and very old car which I decided I want desperately:

Day Sixteen:

Breakfast: Tea. My last Oat Temptation (Apple and sultana) with milk. It's back to plain old porridge from now on...

Morning Tea: Cheese and crackers, chargrilled veges from the jar Tania brought over on Saturday.

Lunch: Cheese, sundried tomato and parsley scones.

Dinner (out): Wine. Brie and crackers. Stir fried veges, tofu and noodles. Tea and chocolate.

Finished today:
* Oat temptations

* Parsley

Total spent since June 1: $62.93


m1k1 said...

I'm laughing as I type "Thank you for that clip from Top Gear".

m1k1 said...

I meant to say "still laughing" - and I expect the smile will linger for some time as I recall it.

Janet McKinney said...

We watched Top Gear (essential viewing at our house) and laughed our way through that segment. I came to the conclusion that I am not too sure I could fold myself up to fit in that car - though Bob did suggest we get a matching pair like they showed back in the studio. I like the Jetson version!

I found an OLD recipe book on the weekend - one of those Centenary versions of a church women's group ones - and found a recipe for fruit pikelets today - an interesting option to make...

AMCSviatko said...

m1k1: have you seen the one where they go on a caravaning holiday? Priceless!

Janet: Fruit pikelets? Like the banana ones I make?

Eilleen said...

Oh thank you so much for that clip! That was fantastic!

Those scones look yummy!