Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Fiscal Fast Day Four: with a huge pile on the floor

Are you sick of pictures of food yet? If so here's a picture of the most exciting thing going on 'round here:which is the contents of four large cartons of damaged Lundby stock that I'll be listing in my eBay store over the next few days.

So let's talk about food, shall we?

Breakfast: Tea. Toasted crumpets and strawberry jam, vanilla yoghurt.

Morning Tea: Hummus and rice crackers

Lunch: Basmati rice, peas and the last of the corn (all from the freezer), heated with a small tin of sweet chili tuna. 2 biscuits from the work kitchen stash.

Afternoon tea: 2 fruit finger biscuits

Dinner: Baked salmon cake on a bed of sesame udon noodles on top of (the final dregs of the) spinach and red pepper.This was one of the moments when I realised creativity in cooking can provide delicious results which should be remembered for future meals...

Finished today:

* Frozen corn (not replaceable)
* Sweet chili tuna (ditto)
* Baby spinach (possibly replaceable depending what's in stock)
* Red pepper (also a possible)

Bought today:
* Cat biscuits: $3.30

Total spent since June 1: $22.30

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Cola Cerbz said...

You're such a healthy eater haha. Nah the pic of food look good. But variation is good ;) I think i spotted a cute doll there