Monday, June 02, 2008

Fiscal Fast 2008 Day One: The Jane Austen TV Club

What a fabulous day I had yesterday! I spent the morning pottering and putting my world to rights (read general cleaning, tidying, new-season-wardrobe-shuffling, ironing and accounts accounts accounts)

Taph popped in mid afternoon for a cup of tea and to pick up the goodies I'd amassed for her on my trip. In return she donated the Whitlams CD she bought a paper to get (aren't friends wonderful? She initially was just showing it to me and I was about to head across to the Newsagents for my own before realising I wasn't allowed to. So she took pity on me and declared she could always spend another $1.80 and get another for herself...) After tea we went clothes shopping for her. Retail! In a Mall! Where the clothes smelt funny and it was weird that there were 6 of the same thing...

In the evening S the Sock Queen (and very pretty it is too) had invited us over to watch Emma, the first of ABC's Jane Austen month. J&M had arranged to pick me up - but when they arrived it was staggering under the weight of a TV! M has been wanting a new big whizbang TV for almost 2 years and they finally bought it yesterday. And donated their 4 year old flat screen (and digital top box!) to me to replace my 9 year old TV. What excitement! How lucky am I?! Aren't friends wonderful!

Dinner was brilliant, and to finish a day of fab gifts, S the Sock Queen gave me a copy of the Max Dupain on Assignment book to add to my collection.

As you can tell, Day One of the 2008 Fiscal Fast was pretty painless:

Breakfast: Cup of tea, peanut butter on rye toast, vanilla yoghurt

Morning tea: 2 x fruit finger biscuits

Lunch: I was planning to make a Salad Nicoise with some lettuce I had left over from Friday's dinner party but it had frozen. So plan B had to spring into action: my standard couscous salad

Afternoon tea: Leftover rice crackers from Friday night, cheese and olives

Dinner (out): Wine. Blue brie, crackers, pesto dip, carrot and red pepper sticks. Potato cakes, broccoli and mushrooms, kidney beans. Clafouti and cream. Roses chocolates and tea.

Finished today:
* Salad leaves. Not so much finished as frozen!
* Milk. No problem as it's allowable under my fiscal fast rules - I'm just too lazy to go buy some. Instead I opened the soy milk for Taph and am frugally using it up before I buy cow milk.

Total spent since June 1: $0.00

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