Monday, June 02, 2008

Fiscal Fast: The rules

I realised I have my rules for my Fiscal Fast scattered across three posts (and two months) from last year so it makes sense to pull them all together into one place.

Please note: these are the rules (guidelines?) I feel comfortable with. If you fancy playing along you can use these or make up a set of your own that you feel comfortable with...

During the duration of the Fiscal Fast I can only spend money on the following:

1. Essential groceries. This means nothing pre-prepared (eg: packets of biscuits, tinned beans, flavoured yoghurt in dinky containers, bags of salad leaves). Where possibly these groceries will be locally produced and organic (do I need to mention fruit and vegetables will be in season?). Buying them from local shops, not the supermarket, is encouraged.

2. Utility bills that come due: electricity, gas, phone, insurance, internet etc.

3. Claimable stuff for work (and petrol to get me there and back in the case of job number two.)

4. I am allowed one "Get out of jail free" card (the Fiscal Fast's equivalent of The Compact's Jubilee Day) which will probably be used when Princess B and her sister visit.

In terms of entertaining, it is permissible for me to cook dinner for friends and have them bring wine, nibbles or dessert as this is what usually happens when I have a dinner party. Not permissible is expecting friends (or strangers!) to pay for my dinner, tickets to things or buy me chocolate or wine just because I've decided to do this challenge.


feistyurchin said...

OK, I so need to do this but I give myself one week before relapse into fiscal oblivion. One week maximum, it will be more like two days. Actually, I've given up already, but it was nice for the 30 seconds it lasted. The moral of the story is I admire your discipline! Also, your friends seem to rock quite significantly.

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me - I am on one too :)

AMCSviatko said...

Oh well done sis! I was just thinking about your comments last year as I wrote today's post which is just a list of food...