Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fiscal Fast Day Nine: a cooking production line

Yesterday morning I baked bread using a slightly different recipe to last year (still no knead but this one involves mixing and then bunging the bowl in the fridge overnight. Which has to be cheaper than running the heater solely to keep the bread happy...)As is my habit I made far too much. Two loaves to be precise. They're not quite perfect (I forgot to check where the recipe was from and adjust the tablespoon measures to suit) but I'm very happy with them (and so is the friend who got the second loaf to take home when he dropped by in the afternoon)Then again maybe the problem is I did exactly what you're not supposed to do: cut a slice off and eat it while it's still hot from the oven. With melty butter. Bliss!

Next up was mango and apple juice made with the leftover tinned mango juice from Saturday's danish and freshly made apple juice. All very healthy looking and quite quite delicious.It went well with the egg salad sandwich I made for lunch, both in flavour and colour.

Finally, in the afternoon I cooked up a large pot of my fave Lentil spinach and coriander soup for dinner and the freezer. And then I had an afternoon nap just because I could.

I woke up at 6pm, had dinner then ran round like a chicken with its head cut off when I realised I was going to Northside Stitch 'n' Bitch but had not one single project on the needles to take!

Day Nine:

Breakfast: Tea. Freshly baked Anzac biscuits courtesy of
Janet, who brought them as a bribe when she came to pick my brain

Morning Tea: Freshly baked bread and butter.

Lunch: Egg salad sandwich.

Afternoon tea: Tea. A piece of leftover mango danish. (I came home Sunday night with 4 pieces left over - three are in the freezer for later sugar fixes.)

Dinner: Lentil, spinach and coriander soup. Bread.

Finished today:
* Lemon juice (if I need it I'll have to buy lemons. No hardship, really)
* Brown lentils (not quite finished but not enough to do anything with. I can buy more if I want but I think I'll use up my other beans first)
* Spinach (on the list for the next shop)
* Tinned cat food (it's on special at Woollies this week. I'll buy some today)

Total spent since June 1: $53.68


Anonymous said...

Your bread looks lovely - I made some the other day that was like a door stop :( ....eek!

Michelle said...

What was wrong with the bread? It's not supposed to look perfect, The recipe is from the Canberra Times (which is an Australian paper, last time I checked!) so I'm unsure why you have to change measurements.

Slice the other loaf and put it in the freezer - that'sexactly what I did and it was (is) fine.