Monday, June 09, 2008

Fiscal Fast Day Eight: Hard core action, "Tuna Mornay" and TV

Sunday. Gotta love Sunday, especially a long weekend Sunday with interesting things afoot.

Metaphorical Magpie declared I was "
too hardcore for her". (Yep, my blog is full of hardcore action...)

I had a lovely time in the afternoon making a
mango and almond danish to take to The Jane Austen TV Club in the evening:
(With fingers crossed that using mangos instead of peaches would work out. Which it did)

J,M & S performed a sleight of hand and declared they had a spare free ticket to see
Turner to Monet: The triumph of landscape which was on its final day at The National Gallery and was open til 7pm. So I had a late afternoon injection of culture and a sneaky fondle of their shopping bags to stave off withdrawal symptoms...

(Picture courtesy of S who emailed it to me with the title "After the tuna mornay")

The day was rounded off at J&M's with three courses of yumminess and Jane Austen on a very large and very impressive new TV.

And I finally managed to wash the kitchen floor. A perfect day, really.

Day Eight:

Brunch: Tea. My last piece of Burgen rye bread, toasted, topped with pesto mushrooms and a poached egg.

Lunch: "Grazing" ie: the last of the hummus with some rice crackers, the mango slices that wouldn't fit onto the mango danish I was baking at the time, a pottle of Blueberry yoghurt, the last of the toffee.

Afternoon tea: A slice of cheese. Olives.

Dinner (out): Wine. Carrot and red pepper sticks, mini toast, spinach dip and homemade Baba Ghanoush. Eggplant pasta. Mango almond danish with cream. Tea. Chocolate.

Finished today:
* Milk (I bought more pretty much straight away)
* Tin of sliced mangos (this was given to me by Taph so I could use the tin to decorate and put her painted needles in on the stall. But I didn't get round to it and she wouldn't take the tin back when I tried... So not usually something I have on hand to replace.)
* Almonds
* Cream (not so much finished as out of the house and into J&M's fridge)
* Baking soda and vinegar. (Much as I like the idea of not cleaning for the rest of the month alas I'll be buying more of both. Which reminds me: does anyone know of a place where I can get baking soda in something larger than the dinky boxes they sell at Woollies?)

Bought today:
* 1 litre milk: $2.50

Total spent since June 1: $53.68

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Anonymous said...

Your danish looks divine, TSS. I am in true awe of your frugal fantasticness.