Sunday, June 01, 2008

May round up and plans for June

May was mad! Insanely busy, but good busy (luckily...)

I managed to read four books from my Modernism pile. I'm pretty happy but have rather a lot of books on the subject still to read (especially as I topped up the pile in Melbourne. Whoops!)

I made it to
Atonement, Elizabeth: the Golden Age and The Jane Austen Book Club at ANU Film Group. Alas I didn't make it to the double feature of Control and 24 Hour Party People (too tired on the night) so my cost per view so far this year is $5.45.

I'm looking forward to some serious downtime this month. Luckily I've decided that June is Fiscal Fast month which will curtail reckless gallivanting somewhat. Feel like joining me (or perhaps for the slightly less intense Cook From The Cupboard challenge which I've swiped from Taph)?

June is also (finally!) the beginning of my Canberra Theatre subscription season. I'll be seeing Shorter and Sweeter ("a tasting box of some of the best new 10 minute plays from the highly successful Short + Sweet festivals.") and Bangarra Dance Theatre's Mathinna.

Add to that ANU Film Group's The Other Boleyn Girl, Romulus my Father and The Home Song Stories, I doubt I'll miss paying for entertainment.

Reading-wise my theme is junk. I have a pile of chick lit books that, if I read, I can then sell. So June will hopefully be full of this, this (finally!), this and maybe some of this.

And, of course there'll be bag making and knitting and crafting.

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createacraft said...

hello again..
I loved the idea..
I must try this for the whole family..
maybe start for a week..
and then it can grow to a whole month..
it can be a good occasion for the children to understand.. real life..
we don't reach out and take whatever we want..
now I head off deeper down on the blog...
hugs hugs.. from Istanbul..