Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fiscal Fast Day Twenty: I had a dream

Is it a sign when you start to dream about shopping?

Seriously though, I was very lucky yesterday with colleagues covering all the important food groups: runny cheese, smoked salmon and chocolate, all of which I ran out of days ago.

And today Princess B is in town so I get to use my Get Out of Jail Free card... The first thing I plan to buy (finally) is the giant domes I need to to finish her stole.

Day Twenty:

Breakfast: Tea. Fruit toast and strawberry jam.

Morning Tea: Zucchini and sundried tomato muffin, courtesy of a colleague who brought baking in. Hummus and the leftover chips from last night.

Lunch: (Helen's turn at Friday Lunch Club) Corn thins, Camembert, salad, mung bean sprouts, cherry tomatoes and smoked salmon. Crackers and carrot dip. Orange and apple segments. Pistachios.

Afternoon Tea: Coconut Rough from a colleague's bag.

Dinner: Cheese and crackers. Chips and hummus.

Finished today:
* Chips (but they weren't part of the original store cupboard anyway)

Total spent since June 1: $106.85 (plus $116.84 on a dolls house)


feistyurchin said...

Hmmm, the lunch club sounds like an excellent idea. Your workmates sound like fabulous foodies.

Does your get out of jail free card do you for one purchase or a whole day or a week? How does it work? I feel there will be no free passes for me. I stupidly made non-essential budgets instead.

AMCSviatko said...

I'm not sure how it works, because I've never used it before.

But I can tell you that it didn't work for cheap copies of the new Portishead and Moby CDs I saw while we were shopping.

So obviously it's only for essential expenses so I can spend time with my friends. In this case I had lunch with them in town (I chose one of the cheaper options on the menu and went without the glass of wine) then coffee and cake back at the Hyatt and I ended up spending $12 in total. Oh, and I spent $3.20 on domes...

Anonymous said...

ahh my friends i would like to go there... i think i had a dream too