Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fiscal Fast Day Fourteen: Mirror mirror on the wall, let me show my old toilet to you all!

Way back in the mists of time (and in a country far far away) I bought a small wooden-framed mirror for maybe $20 at a craft fair in Upper Hutt. It was very useful in our mirrorless bathroom in Wallace Street:and moved with me to our (also mirrorless) bathroom in Austin Street - you can just see the edge of it to the right of the bathroom door:before it made the trip to Sydney, Australia and finally to my laundry in Canberra (my bathroom here had a mirror already. What a civilised city!)

It's hung in my laundry for 9 and a half years, bugging me ever so slightly every time I look at it as it's now the wrong colour to go with the rest of my flat.

But no more. This morning I suddenly had the urge to pull it off the wall and attack it with my trusty wenge gel
wood stain and voila! The other excitement for the day involved a care parcel Tania brought with her when she came to lunch:Stuff from her cupboard that she decided she'd never eat, now living in my cupboard. The brown paper bag contains mushroom pasta and the red pouch is red capsicum pasta sauce. What fun I'll have coming up with ways to use them all...

She also took pity on my lack of op shopping in the last 2 weeks and did a Show and Tell of the goodies she'd picked up this morning so I could admire and drool and stroke wistfully all the while telling myself I'm almost halfway through my Fiscal Fast and aren't I proud of myself?

Day Fourteen:

Breakfast: Tea. Egg white omelette with the last of the mushrooms, silverbeet from Taph's garden and cheese.

Morning Tea: Leftover apple pear ginger crumble from last night.

Lunch: Mediterranean bean soup with parmesan curls, toasted turkish bread and pesto - promised for Lunch Club yesterday but moved back 24 hours as Tania wasn't at work.

Afternoon tea: Lindor balls!

Dinner: Will be stirfried tofu, broccoli and red pepper with udon noodles.

Finished today:
* Egg whites ( and thus eggs in general)

* Mushrooms (definitely on the list for my next run to Choku Bai Jo)
* Sliverbeet
* Turkish bread (not replaceable unless I head to Old Bus Depot Markets tomorrow)

Total spent since June 1: $62.93

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