Monday, June 23, 2008

Fiscal Fast: Days Twenty Two and Twenty Three

The ol' Fiscal Fast is chugging towards the end quite happily. Rather boring, really. Perhaps I can spice things up over the final week...

In the meantime you might want to go visit Small Things, who is undertaking a Month of Moderation, and cheer her on.

Day Twenty Two:

Breakfast: Tea. Toast with wilted spinach, poached egg and nasty pre-grated parmesan.

Morning Tea: The last of the hummus with water crackers.

Lunch: Salmon "burger" (two slices of toasted bread with tartaire sauce, fried leek, sliced tomato and a salmon pattie balanced between them). Served with wedges made using the last potato.

Afternoon tea: Tea. The last M&S Dark chocolate ginger biscuits.

Dinner (out at The Jane Austen TV Club): Wine. Crackers with lima bean and lemon myrtle dip. Dolmades. Home made asparagus and mushroom quiche with salad. Lemon semolina pudding. Dark Lindor ball.

Finished today:
* Hummus (I could buy enough chickpeas to make some more. Or I could just wait a week)
* Potatoes (on the list for the next vege shop)
* Dark chocolate ginger biscuits. *sniff*

Day Twenty Three:

Breakfast: Tea. Cinnamon french toast (I poured the extra egg mixture over the bread pieces and then finished it off under the grill like a bready frittatta. Which caramelised the sugar cinnamon mixture. Heaven!):

Morning Tea: M&S Ginger biscuits.

Lunch: Lentil, spinach & coriander soup from the freezer.

Afternoon tea: The last piece of leftover mango danish from the freezer. Tea.

Dinner: Oven baked pumpkin & spinach risotto.

Finished today:
* Yoghurt (used the last lot in the french toast, will buy more at the same time as I buy the next lot of milk)
* Pumpkin (but I can get more any time from J&M's huge pile of pumpkins)
* Onions (on the list for the next vege run)
* Baby spinach (ditto)

Total spent since June 1: $$122.05 (plus $116.84 on a dolls house)

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