Friday, June 13, 2008

Fiscal Fast Day Thirteen: It all turned to custard...

What's that? You're missing the food photos?! Well sit back, relax and read on...

Day Thirteen:

Breakfast: Tea. Mixed berry oat temptations and milk.

Morning Tea: Mandarin, crackers and cheese plus one single Iced Vovo from the work biscuit jar (just because it went so well with
the book I've finally come to the top of the reserve list for at the Library):

Lunch: Vegetable soup from the freezer with bread and the last of the butter.

Afternoon tea: Tea. Mango danish.

Dinner: J rang inviting me to drinks at Tilleys. I explained I couldn't go because of my Fiscal Fast. She said they didn't mind paying. "Against the rules" I said. So I invited them all to dinner instead. As you do on a Friday morning before you remember the state of the kitchen...

They brought: Wine, Water crackers, brie, kalamata olives, mini samosas and yoghurt to dip.

I made: Penne pasta with zucchini and semi dried tomatoes. Apple pear ginger crumble and custard.Home made from scratch custard. Not like
this time last year. Thanks to Dad's comment last year and The Destitute Gourmet's cookbook I am no longer a custard virgin. J, M & S The Sock Queen were well impressed. (And so was I but I couldn't say that at the time - I just grinned contentedly and flitted round in my apron looking suitably domestic)They also brought: Dark Lindor balls.S the Sock Queen gave me permission to hide them before anyone else turned up if I needed to but I was good and shared. And I still have some left over!

Finished today:
* Butter (I bought more almost immediately)
* Egg yolks (I have three whites sitting in the fridge. I suspect there'll be omelette for brunch tomorrow...)

* Garlic (can't live without it so it'll be replaced ASAP)
* Zucchini (on the list for the next vege run)
* Apples (ditto)
* Pear (ditto ditto)

Bought today:
* Butter: $2.25

Total spent since June 1: $62.93
(Thanks for the support in deciding to move the car towing bill back to last month and not feel like I'm cheating!)


feistyurchin said...

So, where is the recipe for the crumble? It looks delicious. Your fast seems to be coming along nicely. $62.93 in 14 days?!?! I drop that in takeaway coffees for one week alone. You rock and I need to give up coffees.

Also, I can't believe your work gives you guys Iced Vovos. Clearly you do not work for the public service, unlike I who is lucky to see an Arrowroot let alone a whole biscuit jar. What I'd give for an Iced Vovo!

AMCSviatko said...

In Alison Holst's Meals without Meat, of course!

And work doesn't buy the biscuits for us - it's more a side product of the many meetings that are held in our conference room: they get the biscuits and the leftovers are put in our kitchen. We have a LOT of arrowroots and nice biscuits in there as well...

(I'm still trying to work out the allure of Iced Vovos. I'm obviously not Australian enough yet!)