Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fiscal Fast Day Eighteen: Sick for toys

Ohh! Look! I finally have photos of Choku Bai Jo!

From the outside: doesn't look like much but signs mean organic (you might not know that)all signs have kms on them (except for the far back corner which has stuff like "QLD" and "TAS". I try to buy as little as possible from this corner...)

And who grew them:
Every week there are new things to chose from:Day Eighteen:

Breakfast: Tea. Porridge with sultanas, brown sugar, wheatgerm and milk.

Morning Tea: The last of the rice crackers with tzatsiki

Lunch: Lentil, spinach and coriander soup. Toast with (donated) hummus.

Afternoon tea: Cheese, sundried tomato and parsley scone. Apple.

Dinner: Oven roasted pumpkin, garlic and feta cheese with fettuccine. Self-saucing caramel pudding (recipe courtesy of the latest Madison magazine)

Finished today:
* Milk (will buy more tomorrow)
* Cat food (ditto - or my life won't be worth living)
* Rice crackers (will have to wait)
* Feta cheese (I'd been saving it for the pumpkin)
* Brown sugar (will try to do without it...)

Bought today:
Dolls house: $116.84

Ohhh! Look! Choku Bai Jo does flowers now!! Total spent since June 1: $217.55


Cherry ・ チェリー ・ 체리  said...

Yeh, things on the outside are not always what they appear huh? Its quite a bit ai! And still... you eat soooo healthily!

Anonymous said...

Nice distraction there. I'm like, Oooh, flowers, wait, how did the total get so big? *scrolls up*

AMCSviatko said...

Rats, you noticed!

I figure it's a *ahem* business expense?

Eilleen said...

oh oh I didn't know about this shop! I had to google it to find out where it is. THANK YOU!!!

Janet McKinney said...

A doll's house - wow that is breaking the fast in a BIG way. Could it not wait, was it a bargain, where on earth did you find it if you have not been going around the Op Shops, or EBay?

Come on - full confession required - and a picture....