Monday, June 02, 2008

Fiscal Fast Day Two: Taco Shells and tears

Breakfast: Tea (with soy milk), toasted crumpets with ginger marmalade, blueberry yoghurt.

Morning Tea: 2 fruit finger biscuits, peach fruit snack pack.

Lunch: Nachos (sans frozen corn but plus sour cream of my own making when I realised just how much fresh cream I had left over from Friday's dinner and how little I cooked with it. Add lemon juice and vinegar and voila! Sour Cream!)

Afternoon tea: Rice crackers and salsa

Dinner: French toast made with leftover french bread from Friday, soaked in egg, homemade sour cream and chopped parsley. Sir Nibbs found it most agreeable and I had to fight for my fair share...

Finished today:
* Paper towels. From a stash bought at least 2 years ago. They won't be replaced.

Total spent since June 1: $0.00

I finished reading the Sophie Kinsella I got over a year ago. I cried. I guess there's stuff from 2005 that I thought I had sorted that maybe I haven't yet. I mean crying? Over a Sophie Kinsella??!!

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Cola Cerbz said...

Mmm tacos are good, and nachoes! Hehe. Thats good well done

Ill try to send your parcel before July so more goodies to enjoy without spending