Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas day plans...

...look a lot like this:
1/12 scale bed with white linen, and a box of chocolates, a copy of the The book of mini and a glass of sparking wine on it.
(Yes, it's another post where I get out of bed in order to make a scene of my bed so I can tell the world I'm not getting out of bed...) 

It's a Christmas-day tradition around here,
Collage of four photos of a bed with books, boxes of chocolates and (in two cases) glasses of sparking wine.
except for last year, which looked more like this (and makes me particularly appreciate my ability to return to tradition for this year):
Benchtop with a red, gold and green beer carton on top of it, opened, with a length of 'fragile' tape on the side. Next to the carton are two stacks of white plates, two ramekins, a glass of sparking wine, a pile of used packing paper and a can of oven cleaner.
I hope your day is just what you need it to be.

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