Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Procrastination by printer

So I made brunch, and read the kit instructions while I ate.

'Paint the aluminium strip gold'... (I didn't find one in the bag. This could be a problem.)

As I read I realised the absurdity of a technical editor reading a set of instructions, over brunch, during a holiday.
Burrito on a plate. Behind the plate is a set of instructions propped up by several fake succulents (including a knitted cacti: that no one will probably notice unless they read the alt text!)
Brunch finished, I took a deep breath and returned to the studio. Where I started at the kit bits for a while and then sprang into action...

...harvesting appropriate book and magazine covers (with magazines covering several decades as I still don't know when the scene is set), printing them off and gluing them to cardboard supports. And (finally!) making candles from some white glue sticks I picked up at Daiso (probably on this trip) and some black wire from the local discount store.
1/12 scale miniature candles and vintage sailing books and magazines, with various tools that made them in the foreground.
I did pick up the telescope kit pieces, rearrange them into groups, and decide that perhaps my sailor didn't need a stand for his telescope and could just have a hand one. I then realised that the sanding paper I needed to work on the pieces was through the flat, out the door, down the stairs, across the car park, and through the garage (which made me feel like a character in Bears in the night*) which just seemed like too much fuss to bother with right now.

Yup, still getting used to the 'new' set up. And am missing the extra three metres of floor space I had in my old studio, plus the space on top of my catalogue drawers as well. It's OK: part of the point of my time off work this summer was to get used to my new spaces, and work out how I can make them work best for me.

(*Which I only now realise is a Berenstain bears book, which makes me feel quite silly as I use the Berenstain bears as an analogy at work very regularly...)


elizabeth s said...

The candles and the book jackets look terrific and the oceanic scene outside the window is SPOT ON!

AMCSviatko said...

Now I just have to decide which country he lives in: a friend suggested he needed some sailing charts but until I know where he is I can't decide on them. Although, as she pointed out, perhaps the charts are from a country he lived in during his youth but doesn't live in now...?