Thursday, December 19, 2019

Moving (and melting) slowly

It's the first of three very hot days here in Canberra:
Three-day forecast showing high temperatures of 40, 38 and 42 degrees celcius, and smoke haze
(that's 104, 100.4 and 107.6 Fahrenheit for my so-inclined readers), and worryingly early to be hitting such heights.

And although my new place has much improved airflow (and therefore my studio is a much more bearable temperature) than in my old place, it still means I'm moving at a snail's pace. Which is fine. I'm on holiday after all.

It also means that any painting or staining becomes inadvisable.

So here are my (small) mini achievements today:

1. I made a frame,
Flat lay of a 1/12 scale miniature frame in a jig, next to a grey watercolour of a boat, on a piece of card, next to a 1/12 scale model yacht, round picture of a yacht and a blue and white lifebuoy.
and pulled out some pieces that I thought might go nicely with it in a scene. At this stage I'm calling it The Sailor, and have no idea if it's going to be just a shelfy or a full-on build. (Either way I now have some Big Country stuck in my head, which makes me very happy).

2. I went to the post office to check my mail, and discovered, to my delight, that the Christmas-day reading I ordered on a whim has arrived in record time!
Book titled The book of mini next to a container of rice pudding and blueberries.
(I just need to hide it from myself until Christmas day. Although the way this break is going, Christmas day may pass me by leaving me in blissful ignorance...)

In 'non-miniature' news, I popped into the op shop on the way home from the post office and found this brand-new candle holder for $2:

Metal candle holder with cut out sides, sitting on a dining table. Inside it is a chimney and candle wrapped in bubble wrap.
I'm sure it'll work wonderfully well on my balcony, and there's no reason at all to be googling how to remove spot welding (if that is, indeed, what's holding it together...), or looking at tin snips on the Bunnings website.

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