Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Feeling framed

Hanging sign with 'Victorian Dollhouses' written on it.
 This morning I visited our local dolls' house shop.

'What!' I hear you cry. 'But you stated quite categorically just two weeks ago that you 'most definitely do not need any more miniatures for quite some time'.

Does it help you if I said I made it no further than a metre inside, as James had kindly opened especially so I could pick up some picture framing?

You see, mine's still safely tucked away.... somewhere. And I figured that the fastest way to find it was to go buy some more, which would almost surely cause the existing stash to decide to come out of hiding.

I was given a selection of New Zealand art auction catalogues by a neighbour of my parents when I visited them over Easter this year,
Three art catalogues arranged on a table. The top one is open to show the range of dolls'-house-sized prints included inside.
 and found this tiny watercolour on an op-shopping adventure soon after:
Small framed watercolour of a boat propped up against the wall. In front of it is a piece of carpet tile and a 1/12 scale modern miniature armchair in greys and browns.
 So I feel some framing needs to happen in my near future.

(Which is actually oddly synchronistic as I just looked up the last framing blog post I did: and it was two years ago tomorrow!)
Flatlay of a cutting mat, with lengths of miniature framing, a hobby saw, mitre box and gluing jig with a picture of a boat inside it.


elizabeth s said...

I've never been any good at mini framing as some cuts are invariably off and then the entire cut of wood is wasted!

AMCSviatko said...

Well, there *was* a moment of inattention where I cut a piece the wrong way, but I put that piece aside to use when framing a smaller piece, or for making a piece of assemblage art...