Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Sorting the stash

While looking for a miniature print to add to the framing pile this morning, I finally got frustrated enough with the 'I'll just pop this here for now' approach I took with supplies when I first moved in to declare today 'Sort out the stash' day.

Which meant plans for framing were out, and a quiet gentle day pulling out and emptying boxes and tubs, sorting the contents into piles, and then putting them away properly was in.

I love days like this, especially when I suspect the rest of the city is running round in the heat and smoke finishing up work or school for the year (or doing last-minute Christmas stuff in heaving malls) and I'm sitting on the sofa contemplating if this picture is 'medium' or 'large' or that patterned fabric is primarily blue or yellow.
Two sets of white cardboard storage drawers against a mushroom-brown wall. On top are two white box frames, one containing a 1/12 scale sofa, side table, art work and pot of catci, the other is empty. Next to the drawers is a white ring binder.
Normal transmission should recommence tomorrow...

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