Friday, December 20, 2019

Tied up on the shore would you weary no more?

My sailor seems to be settling in, and I'm enjoying finding out who he is.

The scene is not yet finished, but I'm feeling pretty happy with where it's heading. He's old: been retired for years, and happily living the simple life by himself, in a small, slightly run-down flat with a view of the sea (which isn't there quite yet as I still haven't got my printer connected to my new network: and spent the time I planned to do it in today playing with my miniatures instead).
1/12 scale modern miniature lounge scene with two mid-century modern armchairs in grey with dark stained arms and legs, an early twentieth century cupboard, a battered sea chest and afghan rug on the floor. On the wall is a framed picutre of a boat and an abstract landscape. On the windowsill is a globe.
The kicking-off point was the original photo I took of the picture with one of the grey and brown armchairs I'd bought off eBay, and a stripy carpet sample:
Small framed watercolour of a boat propped up against the wall. In front of it is a piece of carpet tile and a 1/12 scale modern miniature armchair in greys and browns.
At that stage I truly thought that the resulting scene would end up being for a wealthy businessman who sails as a hobby.

But then I spied a roll of 'terrazzo' contact paper I picked up for 50 cents while op shopping several months ago, and through I'd see how that worked in the Lori ballet studio: which I'd placed right in my line of sight above my computer back in August in the hope it would kick-start some scene making (which obviously it didn't...)

The next surprise addition was an German cupboard from a job lot I bought back in 2013, and then things just took off (I love that moment!).

I'm nowhere near done yet, but I have the bones in place for now:
1/12 scale modern miniature scene of a single man's flat, with a simple kitchen on the left with a large vintage table and captain's chair, and a living room on the right with two mid-century modern armchairs, an antigue cupboard, battered sailor's chest and afghan rug.
which means I get to play my favourite miniature game with my accessories stash: 'Who lives here?'.


Sheila said...

Chairs, art and carpet look wonderful together. Isn't it delightful when that happens?

elizabeth s said...

Everything you've gathered is looking swell!