Sunday, December 08, 2019

The miniature show

Yesterday's mention of the 2017 ACTME show made me realise I had the photos I took at this year's show tucked away somewhere. Not that I took very many, as I was rather distracted by full-size-home issues at that time.

(So distracted, in fact, that it would seem that I've completely forgotten what I bought. I suspect not very much...)

This was the first thing that caught my eye: a stool made with an old New Zealand penny, which I thought was a brilliant idea and one I wanted to replicate when I got the time and inclination.
1/12 scale modern miniature lounge scene with a denim sofa and a stool next to it with the top made from an old New Zealand penny.
It was part of a modern florist shop, which also contained this scratch-built kitchen:
1/12 scale modern miniature kitchen with cupboards in wood, a central workbench and black tiles.
 and this very English-looking bedroom:
1/12 scale modern miniature bedroom in blue and white, with a cane chair in the corner next to a basket of knitting.
The whole building was for sale, and I realised that the owner was sitting next to it so got chatting.
1/12 scale three-story dolls' house with florist shop on the ground flooe, lounge and kitchen on the first and bedroom and bathroom in the attic space.
Her name is Alli (aka the house that ivy built), and she restores and styles dolls' houses to sell to raise money for animal rescue.

Two other scenes got my attention: this one summed up how I suspected I'd be feeling over the next few months (and boy was I right!),
1/12 scale modern miniature scene of a room with paint and wallpaper swatches on the wall. In the middle of the room is a woman asleep at the workbench.
 while this one was serene and classic and in my favourite colours.
1/12 scale modern miniature lounge in speia tones with a white leather wing chair and sofa, carved stone fireplace and muraled walls.
(Alas I neglected to note down who made which scene, or if I did I've misplaced it...)

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Sheila said...

Those stools are adorable. And I love the last one, so serene and elegant!