Saturday, December 21, 2019

It's so hot, my Blutack is melting...

but I managed to get things to stay put long enough to take some photos with yesterday's accessory choices in place:
1/12 scale miniature living room with mid-century modern arm chair next to an early 20th century cabinet. Above the chair are three sailing-related pictures.
 Yep, looking good...
1/12 scale modern miniature lounge scene with two mid-century modern armchairs in grey with dark stained arms and legs, an early twentieth century cupboard, a battered sea chest and afghan rug on the floor. On the wall is a framed picutre of a boat and an abstract landscape. On the windowsill is a globe.
 The one thing I still have to decide is what year this is set in.
1/12 scale miniature kitchen, On the stove is a kettle and a frying pan and fish slice. On the bench is an old-fashioned toaster, and on the shelf above it is a tin of Twinings tea, a tea jar and a box of Weetbix.
Is it now (hence the modern packet of Weet-Bix), and he lives with a mix of things that he has inherited or that he bought years ago and still work, or do I need to swap the Weet-Bix out for a vintage version of the box, which would mean perhaps the chairs and stove are new, and we're in the 50s or 60s?

Such are the things that keep a miniaturist awake at night (assuming the heat isn't already doing a good enough job of that...).

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