Sunday, December 22, 2019

Market not-miniatures

It's the plant man's fault...

We have a chap at the local trash and treasure markets who sells ex-hire plants very cheaply. This time last year I bought a couple for the balcony after the cockatoos attached my favourite palm that I'd originally put out there (and quickly moved back inside). I figured at $20 each it was way cheaper (and more environmentally friendly) than buying fake plants, and so it wouldn't really matter too much if the cockies stripped them (which they did) and I needed to replace them (which I haven't yet).
Balcony with two large pot plants next to a mid-century modern wire sofa. On the sofa is a bright flowery cushion, a book and a plate.
This year I was thinking about having planter boxes along the inside of the balcony wall, in the hope that the cockies wouldn't see the plants from outside and so might leave them alone. And I knew the plant man occasionally had them. Last weekend I asked about them and he said he had some at home which he'd bring this week for me.

And so I woke bright and early this morning and trundled down the hill, only to find that he'd forgotten and left them at home.

So there I was. The temperature was cooler (huzzah!), I'd already paid my entry fee, and I needed to get my steps in for the day. What else was there to do but go for a wander?

For a total of $20 I bought a mouse mat (ignoring the fact I don't have a mouse). Two cupboard handles (with no handless cupboards), some super-duper looking clamps (tools are not miniatures, right?) and some lovely teak parquet floor lengths (I'm considering parquet for my no-longer-new place so a cheap test drive an excellent idea, don't you agree?)
Flat lay of some teak parquet floor pieces, two cupboard door handles with gold flanges, two large clamps, and a mouse mat in the design of a Turkish rug.
And was home in time for breakfast, after which I opened all the doors and windows in the place to let some cool air in and decided today was the perfect day to continue sorting the studio.

I may visit the sailor later this afternoon, especially now I've hooked up my printer so can make him a view. We'll see... (or should that be 'sea'?).


Petra1945 said...

These mouse mats are horribly expensive... I got one beauty at full price, because I absolutely unavoidably definitely needed it for my new dollshouse. They make truly wonderful carpets! By now I have a couple of others in my stash, at about 1/20 of that price, from the charity shop (your op shop).

AMCSviatko said...

Ah, that might explain the original price the seller wanted for it, which I felt quite outrageous so haggled her down to a price slightly above what I wanted to pay, but around the cost of a cup of coffee so not really that bad...