Friday, December 06, 2019

In the studio

While I was in the middle of the craziness and stress of packing to shift (date not quite known) from a place I'd lived in for almost 20 years and (as no doubt you noticed) not being in a position to find the time or space to create any minis, Uppercase magazine announced submissions for a feature on subscriber studios.

'Rats' I thought as I looked around my studio, which was stacked with boxes. 'That's not going to work'.

And then I decided that I had nothing to lose, and got cheeky.

Uppercase had previously published an article I'd written about miniatures. And the submission didn't say that the 'subscriber studio' had to be full-sized. So I decided that there was nothing to lose, and submitted pictures of some of the miniature studios I'd created over the years, saying:
'I bought my first home earlier in the year and am waiting for the tenants to move out, and packing my current residence (including my studio).
While my current studio is in boxes, I can dream of my new space and gain inspiration from the one-twelfth scale miniature studios I've previously created...
(I'm delighted to see how often Uppercase magazine features in my miniature creative spaces!)'
 And so I was very pleased to read this, in the magazine, on the balcony of my new home, soon after I'd (finally!) moved in:
Uppercase magazine, open to an article about miniature studios. In the background is a tray with glasses of water and a plate holding grapes, strawberries, Lindt dark chocolate balls and blueberries,

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